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01 Oct

Why Adobe and Microsoft will fail at the Web Office game

There are a couple of interesting news this morning regarding the Web Office field. Adobe is buying a company called Virtual Ubiquity, developer of buzzword, and online Word Processor that runs on Adobe Flex (Flash).
Microsoft is announcing an online file management service. It will probably look a lot like the Google Apps file manager. It […]

18 Sep

Act 3: Presently has arrived

Google announced yesterday that Presently is now available as part of their Web Office offering (now re-named ‘Google Docs’, again. I guess ‘Google Docs & Spreadsheets & Presentations’ seemed a little too long).
It comes with several realization:
1) There is very little people with whom to share geeky excitement; on the blogosphere, and elsewhere. There seems […]

04 Sep

The Web 3.0 platform

So, what do you think will be the platform for Web 3.0? (Yes, I know, I’m such an original guy…)
Ok, but the question is still relevant. Do you think it will be:

Adobe Flex
Microsoft Silverlight
Sun JavaFX
Plain AJAX
Something Else
Who cares

The 3.0 Platform

Adobe Flex

Microsoft Silverlight


Sun JavaFX

Plain AJAX

Something else

Who cares



Stay with 2.0 (just for the lulz)

ExtJs 3.0 (Direct)

Add […]

22 Jun

Too funny: Microsoft Surface Ad Parody

I have to be honest with you; this is what I think of the Microsoft Surface too:

Quote from the video:
The future is here, and it’s not an iPhone, it’s a big ass table

12 Jun

Presently coming to Google town: act two

We announced a month ago that Google’s Presently was staring to go live, by enabling Gmail users to view ppt (Power Point) documents in the browser. This past months only a lucky few had the feature enabled.
Starting today, all Gmail users have the feature. Having tested it, I can now say that it is a […]

05 Jun

Poll results out: Windows Vista adoption much slower than XP

Voting frequency on the poll we were running, asking readers to input their predictions for Windows Vista adoption percentage for January 2009, was starting to wade, so I decided to close it.
The results are pretty close to what I expected: over 75% of the voters think Windows Vista is not going to surpass the 50% […]

05 Jun

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs together on stage

If you missed it last week, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs appeared together for a live interview at the DC5 conference.
Here are the videos of the historic geek moment.

They were extremely polite with each other. Steve Jobs making the best punch lines, while Bill Gates played it cool, coming out pretty smart.
If you are not […]

24 May

Google and the mojo lost

2007 might be remembered for the year Google finally lost its mojo. This past months, peaking this week, Google has been getting an ever higher heat.
Some of the critics that I have come across lately are:
Privacy concerns
This is one of the oldest, more persistent, and probably best founded concern. Google is, no doubt, collecting a […]

16 May

Presently coming to Google town: act one

Google is starting to roll out a new feature for Gmail that allows the users to view attached Power Point presentations on-line. This is clearly part of ‘Presently’; Google’s take on PowerPoint. Last post was, unfortunately, a false alarm, as Ioannus pointed out in the comments.
At first glance, the feature might not impress much, and […]

02 May

Or maybe 2007 is not the year of Linux on the Desktop after all

I am still trying to figure it out: Is Silverlight another big waste of money from Microsoft, or the next big bump on the road for Linux on the desktop?
Silverlight is Microsoft’s new cross-browser, ‘cross-platform’ plug-in for delivering multimedia and rich interactive applications (RIA) on the Web.
Doubtless, Silverlight will have advantages over its competitors (Adobe’s […]

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