29 Mar

Skype is the best VoIP IM, but not Open Source, and not Linux friendly

Skype is the best free application for chatting, talking (I mean Voice over IP, aka VoIP) and Video Chats.

You can even call regular phones at any country in the world, with rates that are unbeatable.

Many plugins have been developed that extend Skype’s functionality. For instance, I use Unyte for remote Desktop handling.

What Skype is missing

Skype is the VoIP market leader, and sure does deserve that place. But there are some very important things that Skype is missing:

They care much less for its Linux version than for the Windows one. It does make sense from a naive commercial point of view. But they are missing the support of many geeks and Linkerati. That is a big loss.


They should take in account that, even when they are best, there are lots of bullies


and popular open source rivals

Please Skype, I love your product; just don’t take lasting success for granted.

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7 Responses to “Skype is the best VoIP IM, but not Open Source, and not Linux friendly”

  1. 1
    Ries van twisk Says:

    Hey nice and small article, and I agree about it.

    You did forget to mention gizmo!!!


  2. 2
    conradov Says:

    Thank you Ries. :)

    But I didn’t forget Gizmo. It’s right there, at the top of the smaller competitors.

  3. 3
    conradov Says:

    The one I did forget to mention is Voip Buster:


    Which has better rates than Skype, and many free destinations.

  4. 4
    doc Says:

    What about Free World Dialup (FWD)? :) Maybe it’s just something for us asterisk geeks…

  5. 5
    conradov Says:

    Looks very interesting. I’ll try to give it a test.

  6. 6
    Chris Says:

    I also like voipbuster (with ekiga) a bunch, and use wengophone and skype.. but i must say too many people with inferior OS’s use skype.. so the video for linux will be a great addition. cheers

  7. 7
    Murem Says:

    If you like useful services like Unyte, you’ll want to try our new web-based voice recording service, integrated the Skype client. It’s the Evoca Skype Call Recorder. Get set up with our Free account by checking out: http://www.evoca.com/skype.

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